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“She’s patient, determined, knows what she’s doing, and honest.” — Aryn B.

“Dr. Garnett was clear with all of the steps in the process, and was dedicated to making my smile perfect. Even when I thought my teeth were looking awesome, she saw room for further refinements. My dentist, who wasn’t sure a bite could be closed with Invisalign®, is completely blown away and impressed by the ‘cutting-edge’ technique.” — Brandi A.

“Dr. Shen Garnett is really attentive and has no problem getting on the phone with Invisalign to make sure her patients’ teeth will be perfect. She also pays a lot of attention to aesthetics; apparently braces don’t just affect your teeth, but the overall appearance of your face too, and she’s really attentive to that.” —  RP

“You really can’t beat Dr. Shen Garnett’s office; it’s very modern, high tech, and pleasantly decorated. I liked the paper-free approach and having the ability to look at my treatment online. The staff is really nice and she is a top-notch orthodontist. My treatment was very well explained and she seems to really care about doing the best job possible.” — Caroline D.

“Dr. Shen Garnett and her staff are amazing. Dr. Shen Garnett is personable and tries to make everything as smooth and easy as possible. She listens to your concerns and doesn’t stop until you are satisfied. I couldn’t have picked a better orthodontist. The office is super high-tech and has a modern feel. She has computers in the reception and TV screens on the ceiling for you to watch while you sit back in your chair. Booking appointments are a breeze and sometimes they can even see you the same day for quick fixes. Billing was never a problem. Email and phone call reminders a big plus!” —  Rhonda T.

“If you need to get braces, get them done with Dr. Bella Shen Garnett. She is attentive, professional, and provides the latest and best technology to get the job done quickly and efficiently.” — Liz K.

“Dr. Shen Garnett is a highly skilled orthodontist and treats both children and adults. She is talented and really gives you good advice about your treatment plan and options. She listens to and addresses your concerns too. She made me feel at ease as a patient and I was excited to monitor my progress on the computer screens each time I had an appointment. Everyone in the office is friendly and helpful and you’ll really be glad you chose her!” — Mary S.

“Dr. Bella Shen Garnett has such a warm and welcoming office and staff. She, too, makes you feel so comfortable and at ease. Each visit is pleasant, regardless of the reason. She is most genuine and truly takes time to dedicate to you.” — Alexa G.

“Words cannot express how grateful I am to Dr. Shen Garnett. I have finally been given the beautiful smile I have always wanted.” — Valerie J.

“Dr. Shen Garnett is so friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. You can just tell that you’re in good hands. I highly recommend her!” — Debbie W.

“Dr. Shen Garnett is a superb orthodontist and her rates are very reasonable for what you get. I couldn’t be happier with the work she did and I highly recommend her.” — Kyrie H.

“I have been to many dentist offices in my day and I will say that this was truly one of the most enjoyable experiences I have had. Her offices are world class: modern, clean, and very comfortable. She keeps her equipment and chairs impeccably clean. Dr. Shen is very knowledgeable, personable, and really takes time to understand your issues.” — Not M.

“I would give Dr. Shen Garnett and her team six stars if it was available. If you are looking for a highly skilled, highly personable, and highly efficient orthodontist, you can’t find anyone better than her and her team. I have zero reservations about referring Dr. Shen Garnett to my family or friends.” — Kelly K.


Doctor Testimonials


“I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation in the Propel booth at the AAO. It is not often I will say someone is better than me. However, your Invisalign cases are better than mine. So, when I grow up, I have to do Invisalign like Bella.”
— Dr. BD

That presentation today was outstanding. For you to present to us and take the time to superimpose and prepare those great cases was outstanding. Know that your treatment philosophy/techniques will show in more smiles than just the ones in your office, as all my Invisalign cases will have your influence. Again, outstanding cases and great presentation.”
— Dr. DM

“Bella was excellent. I learned more about Invisalign that morning than I had in quite a while. She is pushing the envelope and getting beautiful results. Plus, she’s realistic. Thank you for a wonderful meeting!”
— Dr. MV

“Just finished seeing an amazing lecture by Dr. Bella Shen Garnett on treating high-angle open bite cases with Invisalign. So impressive! I could not be more proud of my Harvard classmate!”
— Dr. DB

“Those were the best Invisalign cases I’ve ever seen. Incredible!”
— Dr. GS

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