If you’d like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We’d love to hear about your experience!

"Best decision I ever made...besides of course marriage and kids. Dr Bella is awesome...Stanford and Harvard Grad...I'd say she knows her stuff and how to fix your teeth! I waited so long to get Invisalign and not sure why! My process was quick- 9 months and when I was done, Dr. Bella suggested I do additional corrections (which were all included in my plan/cost) but I declined as I was so happy with my results! My teeth were a crazy mess walking in to my initial appointment, I had to get the bands and brackets (like I was a teenager) but damn it if it wasn't all worth it! Thank you, so much Dr. Bella I'll see you in 6 months for my final checkup"

—Gigi G.

“Dr. Bella Shen is as good as it gets!  I wanted to straighten my teeth (for years!)  and finally took the plunge.  I found her via yelp and as soon as i walked in her office I felt I was in competent hands. If you wish to straighten your teeth, I would encourage you to meet with Dr Shen for a consultation.  She is intelligent, highly accomplished and  a perfectionist.  I just completed my invisalign treatment, and I'm so happy with the results.  I also must give a big "shout out" to her support staff - who are all wonderful.”

—Susie W.

“Bella is awesome!  My daughter just had her braces off and her teeth look amazing.  Everyone there is very friendly and professional.  They do a great job of scheduling, reminders for appointments and following up.  They pay particular attention to little details like letting your child design their retainer and pick the color of the band on their braces.  Highly recommended!”

—Will B.

“I can wholeheartedly say that Dr. Bella changes lives. Her practice is top notch, efficient, friendly, and accommodating. This was my first time seeking orthodontia and I felt like Dr. Bella made it as easy as possible. I had Invisalign with a treatment to move my teeth fast and it worked. Dr. Bella is a perfectionist and my new smile reflects it!”

—Eileen N.

“Just got Invisalign'ed today and the process has been extremely smooth. From clear precautions during COVID to a very thorough consultation to the awesome staff (shout out to Angie!) it's been an extremely easy process, they really have it down!

As an adult revisiting orthodontia, I'm both impressed by the great crew, as well as not having to go through the old-school dental molds...it's a very welcoming high-tech operation! I’ve had a great experience to date!”

—Abby P.

“Bella Smile is amazing - HIGHLY recommend!  I had a complex case which started with my diagnosis of sleep apnea.  I was recommended for the MMA (Maxillomandibular Advancement) surgery which is a complex surgery which would open my airways and move my jaws forward.  I had to get an underbite prior to surgery which is typically done using metal braces.  Dr. Bella was able to manage this using invisalign which I never knew was an option.  The great coordination between her office and my surgeon resulted in an almost perfect bite post-surgery.  We were able to complete my treatment way ahead of schedule and I now can say I have perfect teeth, can chew and breathe in a way I never thought possible. I get so many comments on my teeth!  The staff is absolutely incredible and it feels like home when I arrive. Thank you Bella and staff!!”

—Sanee I.

“Bella Smile is probably one of the best places I've been to. I say this because the staff is extremely considerate I always feel like a valued customer. Angie, Chloe and Dr. Bella are so kind and on top of their game. Getting Invisalign and going to an orthodontist was very new to me and I didn't know what to expect. However my expectations have been surpassed and I recommend this to anyone, especially women, if you're looking for an ortho that makes you feel comfortable and answers of your questions!”

—Kelly M.

“Dr. Kimberly Mahood and Angie are absolutely the best! Going through the Invisalign treatment during COVID had its challenges, but they went above and beyond to make sure that the experience and the treatment were done perfectly. Definitely recommend Bella Smile for anyone who is considering Invisalign treatment! 100%”

—Soomin W.

“The whole team at Bella Smile are rock stars! From the consultation to the initial process and throughout my checkups, everyone has been super helpful. I had braces in high school, but 10 years later realized I needed to realign my jaw and teeth. I decided to try the Invisalign route because I hated flossing my teeth with braces in high school.

I would have soooo many questions, and they would be so patient in answering them for me. They are also super-efficient! Super easy to work with. I never had to wait long for any of my appointments. Shout out to Candace, who has been there for me throughout the whole process. When you both operate on my teeth, it's like you and the doctor's brains are synced. AMAZING. To the receptionist team, thanks for handling my scheduling! They are always quick to answer emails and my calls. Thank you, Dr. Kimberly Mahood, for your commitment to giving me the best smile possible. Thanks team!”

—Louis P.

” I had a great first experience with Bella Smile! Dr. Kimberly Mahood and Candice are currently taking care of me with my Invisalign's.

I had braces wen young but afterwards I was horrible at wearing my retainers. As I got older my teeth shifted undoing all the work that was done.

I was nervous I wouldn't have a timeline or budget. But that was not the case, it turns out there are many different tiers of Invisalign's and I was able to chose something that fit what I was looking for.

Don't be scared to explore your options, orthodontics are not what they used to be!!”

—Andrea B.

“The team at Bella Smile are perfectionists, and that's exactly what you want from your orthodontist. They care about every detail, obsess about your bite, and will work tirelessly on making sure you get the smile and treatment you were hoping for. In short, they're professionals who take pride in their craft. I could not recommend them more highly.

Before coming to Bella Smile I did my due diligence and looked into a number of other services--both other, more traditional orthodontists, and the newer "fast orthodontic" services that appear cheaper. I'm *really* glad I ended up going with Bella Smile for the following reasons:

1. You pay once and they will work with you until your teeth are where they need to be. It took longer to get my teeth to move as I wanted, and the Bella Smile team kept up helping me make adjustments until it was just right.

2. Something I didn't consider upfront but I'm glad they do: Once you're done they'll put wires behind your teeth to keep them in place. With other orthodontic services you have to keep on wearing your retainers 247 for another 6 months. Here, once you're done, you're actually done.

3. They're super friendly and will listen to your needs. My first round of treatments initially required attachments that were really visible and made me uncomfortable. When I expressed this they removed them and went out of their way to put the attachments on the inside of my teeth instead, where they were less visible.

Thanks, team! I'm so happy with where my teeth ended up!”

—Eeke D.

Doctor Testimonials

“I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation in the Propel booth at the AAO. It is not often I will say someone is better than me. However, your Invisalign cases are better than mine. So, when I grow up, I have to do Invisalign like Bella.”
— Dr. BD

That presentation today was outstanding. For you to present to us and take the time to superimpose and prepare those great cases was outstanding. Know that your treatment philosophy/techniques will show in more smiles than just the ones in your office, as all my Invisalign cases will have your influence. Again, outstanding cases and great presentation.”
— Dr. DM

“Bella was excellent. I learned more about Invisalign that morning than I had in quite a while. She is pushing the envelope and getting beautiful results. Plus, she’s realistic. Thank you for a wonderful meeting!”
— Dr. MV

“Just finished seeing an amazing lecture by Dr. Bella Shen Garnett on treating high-angle open bite cases with Invisalign. So impressive! I could not be more proud of my Harvard classmate!”
— Dr. DB

“Those were the best Invisalign cases I’ve ever seen. Incredible!”
— Dr. GS