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In our continuous effort to provide the best orthodontic care for our patients, we are excited to offer PROPEL technology in our practice. PROPEL stimulates bone remodeling, which allows the teeth to move faster and more predictably into their ideal position.

This innovative technology allows Dr. Bella Shen Garnett to finish treatment more effectively and efficiently. That means less time in treatment for both patients in traditional braces or with the use of Invisalign® aligners. PROPEL works with the patient’s own biology by stimulating the bone surrounding the teeth. Patients will finish their treatment with exceptional results in less time and with fewer treatment visits.

What is PROPEL Orthodontics?

PROPEL Orthodontics provides innovative devices and procedures to shift teeth as quickly and painlessly as possible. The PROPEL System can be used in combination with current orthodontic treatments, including Invisalign and traditional braces, to help move teeth into their desired position 50% faster than teeth can move with Invisalign and traditional braces alone.

Dr. Bella Shen Garnett is a PROPEL Orthodontics provider, so you can enjoy a perfect smile faster than ever before.

Why should I consider PROPEL Orthodontics?

The PROPEL System creates alveolar perforations to make orthodontic systems, such as Invisalign and traditional braces, more efficient. Creating micro osteo-perforations is a micro-invasive option used to accelerate the stimulation of bone production in the upper and lower jaw.

This alone should cut your treatment time in half. The PROPEL system will help both your teeth shift and tissues heal faster than they ever could with orthodontic treatment alone. PROPEL Orthodontics can also produce faster results in patients whose bone growth is still active, such as in teens and young adults.

PROPEL has enabled Dr. Garnett to utilize Invisalign to correct very difficult tooth movements that were once thought not possible to treat with Invisalign alone. In some complex cases, Dr. Garnett is now able to treat cases without surgery or using traditional braces!

An increasing number of adults are seeking the variety of orthodontic treatments available to straighten their teeth. So why not get treated now and in half the time?

PROPEL can be completed chairside in minutes by Dr. Bella Shen Garnett and yields little discomfort to the patient. There is zero recovery time and patients are able to return to their normal daily routine immediately!

With PROPEL Orthodontics, Dr. Bella Shen Garnett can help:

  • Shift teeth faster
  • Stimulate alveolar bone development
  • Cut your orthodontic treatment time in half!

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