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Dr. Bella Shen Garnett and our team believe in providing outstanding orthodontic care in a compassionate environment. You will always be treated gently and with respect, and you will never be viewed as just another patient in our treatment chair. Instead, you will be seen as a whole individual, with a life and interests, and over time we will become friends. We genuinely enjoy our patients, getting to know them throughout the orthodontic treatment process, and we look forward to their visits. Dr. Garnett is an Invisalign Expert and orthodontist in San Francisco that can answer all of your questions about braces and Invisalign.

Our Committment
to Excellence

Premium Quality

We use the highest quality appliances with innovative technology in a caring and compassionate environment to create the most effective treatment while making our patients appointments both fun and relaxing.

When a patient walks into our practice they can expect: efficient service provided by a hardworking and welcoming team. We are here to provide excellent service and to educate you and deliver individualized treatment plans that will cater to your chief concern, esthetics, and personal needs.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Our practice is different from others in that our practice delivers efficiency through technology and we pay attention to detail and strive to provide patient satisfaction. We have our own in house digital radiography and Itero 3-D scanner so impressions are not needed and you don't have to go to an outside radiography lab. We are also a paperless office and all patients have access to their orthodontic records, x-rays, and financial ledgers online though the patient login on our website.


We provide a practice that people can come into feeling comfortable, welcomed, and well taken care of. Our values and standards are very high and we try to make for a practice that we would see ourselves and our children getting treatment at. We also deliver and offer may various treatment plans that are creative and specialized for each patient’s needs. Dr. Shen Garnett is also very good at treating patients with Invisalign and have enabled lots of patients to achieve their dream smile without needing extractions or surgery.

We are very proud that we offer a high level of quality and standard of care and have nurtured good relationships with our patients. The key is communication. Dr. Shen Garnett is easily accessible via phone or email to all my patients. We have created an environment, where the patients enjoy and look forward to their appointments, knowing they will receive the best care. We as a team try our best every day to do our best and are open to feedback as to how we can serve our patients better each day. Everyone deserves the best quality care and various options to their treatment. Dr. Shen Garnett wanted to create a practice that not only she would want to go to but her friends and family as well. When you come to our practice, you become family and will get treated like family.


We welcome you to come in for a complimentary consultation to discuss all our options. Come in ready to learn and find out what treatment plan best suits your needs and concerns!

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