doctor testimonials

Doctor Testimonials

I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation in the Propel booth at the AAO. It is not often I will say someone is better than me. However, your Invisalign cases are better than mine. So, when I grow up, I have to do Invisalign like Bella.
- Dr. BD

That presentation today was outstanding. For you to present to us and take the time to superimpose and prepare those great cases was outstanding. Know that your treatment philosophy/techniques will show in more smiles than just the ones in your office as all my Invisalign cases will have your influence. Again outstanding cases and great presentation.
-Dr. DM

Bella was excellent. I learned more about Invisalign that morning than I had in quite a while. She is pushing the envelope and getting beautiful results. Plus, she's realistic. Thank you for a wonderful meeting!
-Dr. MV

Just finished seeing an amazing lecture by Dr. Bella Shen Garnett on treating high angle open bite cases with Invisalign. So impressive! I could not be more proud of my Harvard Classmate!
-Dr. DB

Those were the best Invisalign cases I've ever seen. Incredible!
-Dr. GS

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